Vinyl Siding and Power Washing Services

All homes in Valley Lakes feature Vinyl siding on a portion, if not all of their exterior surfaces.  Vinyl siding is durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. And like any outdoor product, even low-maintenance vinyl siding will need occasional attention. Unit owners are responsible for keeping their individual properties in good and sightly condition and repair, and this includes periodic maintenance of vinyl siding.

The Vinyl Siding Institute provides a number of tips and resources for homeowners.  Following the cleaning and maintenance tips on their site is often enough to keep your vinyl siding looking it’s best.

Occasionally, or for owners who are unable to do the work themselves, engaging power-washing service may be the best choice to handle routine cleaning. We are pleased to offer a few recommendations on local companies who provide these kinds of services.  Note that the Association makes no warranty for any of companies listed here, they are being offered here for your reference only. Please carefully review the references of any company you engage in professional services before authorizing any work or making any payments.

Power Blasters Inc.  847-812-2882

Contact through Facebook or phone  prices start at $150 for one side

Grimebusters  224-406-0347

Check their website for full offers, one story homes from $200, two story homes from $250 based on square footage

Precision Painting and Power Washing 847-543-8686

Minimum charge $375, average for Valley Lakes size home $575

Stain Away, Inc.   847-513-4481

1 Story homes from $150 for one side, to $299 for 4 sides and 2 story homes from $175 for one side to $399 for four sides