Parks, Roads, Signs and Streetlights FAQ

Who maintains Heron View and Meadow View Park?

Both of these parks as well as an 11 acre park behind Prairie Mist Drive and Bluff Court are the property of the Round Lake Park District. The parks are open to all residents of the district subject to the rules and regulations of the Park District. Please contact the Park District with any questions or concerns about the parks.

Who maintains the roads and sidewalks?

The Village of Round Lake Public Works Department is responsible for all roads and sidewalks in Valley Lakes. Any concerns about these items should be addressed to the Village Engineers.

Who takes care of the streetlights?

Streetlights are also maintained by the Village of Round Lake public works department.

What about street signs and traffic control signs?

Internal signs are part of the Village public works responsibility. External road signs on Nippersink and Wilson are Lake County.

Who plows the streets and sidewalks?

The Round Lake Public Works department plows all village streets which includes all of the streets in Valley Lakes. The Association will clear snow from sidewalks bordering Association owned property. This includes up and down Valley Lakes Blvd, along Prairie Trail and other areas throughout the development. Homeowners are responsible for (and required to) clear the sidewalks in front of or adjacent to their homes. Failure to clear the sidewalk of snow or ice can result in serious fines, penalties and potentially large financial liabilities. Sidewalks, driveways and some private cul-de-sac’s in townhome neighborhoods are cleared by the townhome associations.  If you have any questions, please contact Public Works and they can refer you if necessary.

Who’s responsible for the parkway between the sidewalk and street?

This area is not part of your property, it is in the Village of Round Lake “Right of Way”, however you have an obligation to maintain these areas to the same standards as the rest of the lawn areas. The Village has established a “tree replacement” program which may enable replacement of dead or dying trees in the parkway (if they have been accepted by the Village as outlined above) you should contact the Village office with questions on this program.

Can I construct anything in the parkway or add landscaping?

You will have to obtain approval from the Village to make any changes to landscaping in the parkway or add additional improvements. Additionally after obtaining approval, you will need to get approval from the Architectural Review Committee, and any necessary building permits. Village consent for improvement does not guarantee Architectural Review Committee approval, nor does it guarantee a building permit will be issued. You should contact a member of the Architectural Review Committee with any questions about improvements in this area.

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