Governing Documents

Valley Lakes Community Association Governing Documents

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Printed copies of all governing documents should have been provided to you by the seller when you purchased your home. Replacement printed copies are available from our office for a fee.  You may also download copies of the official documents for the Community Association below.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for the Valley Lakes Community

By-Laws of the Valley Lakes Community Association

Valley Lakes Rules and Regulations November 2019 (adopted November 2019)

Forms for the Architectural Review Committee are available here

Governing documents for the Nature’s Cove and Remington Trails  townhome Associations are available from those pages listed in the menu above.  NOTE that the Valley Lakes Community Association Governing Documents apply to all members of the Association including those who are also members of a townhome association. 

Governing documents for Coventry Glenn Apartments, Heron Bay, Fairfield Lakes or Remington Trails 2 townhomes near Fairfield and Rt. 134 are not available from this site. Those associations are part of Valley Lakes Community Association 2.  Those documents may be available by visiting their web site at