Association Property FAQ

What are “Common Areas”

Valley Lakes’ appeal and charm come in part from substantial portions of our subdivision which were designated prior to construction as ‘Common Open Space’ for the joint enjoyment of all Owners. All Owners have shared nonexclusive rights to enjoy these areas. Common areas consist of the landscape buffers around the entrance signs and along Valley Lakes Blvd., Prairie Trail, Nipppersink and Wilson Roads. It also includes the landscaped areas around the detention ponds, the detention ponds, and all wetlands with the exception of the main wetland north of Nippersink and East of the subdivision. Total property includes approximately 400 acres 24 ponds and 5 wetlands.

Can anything be developed in the wetlands?

The wetlands are regulated as waterways of the US under the control of the US Army Corp. of Engineers. The Army Corp. would have to approve of any type of construction before a permit could be issued.  While it’s not possible to say with 100% certainty that no development will ever take place in the wetlands, it would be very, very unlikely.

Can we use the wetlands?

Yes….and no. The undeveloped wetland and detention areas are off limits. Please check the Governing Documents for a complete list of restricted activities. There are large portions of the “wetlands” that are not actually wet. Some of these areas may be available for future use including nature trails and observation stations. If you would like to obtain permission to access any undeveloped portion of the Associations property, please obtain permission from the office in advance.

Can we use the other common areas?

Yes, these areas are open for the enjoyment of all residents. You may NOT, however, convert any portion of a common area to personal use, nor erect anything, including temporary structures and tents, in common areas without advance approval.

Can we use the ponds?

No. All of the ponds in Valley Lakes are off limits. Swimming, fishing, skating, boating or trespassing of any kind into or on the ponds is strictly prohibited.

No Swimming Sign in Valley Lakes.
Signs, like this one, are posted around all detention ponds in Valley Lakes.

Who do I contact if I have concerns about common areas or landscaping

Please call the management office. Please do NOT contact any of the contractors directly.

Who takes care of the Valley Lakes Signs?

The Valley Lakes signs and individual neighborhood signs are the property of the Association as are the lights used to illuminate them.

Who plows the streets and sidewalks?

The Round Lake Public Works department plows all village streets which includes all of the streets in Valley Lakes. The Association will clear snow from sidewalks bordering Association owned property. This includes up and down Valley Lakes Blvd, along Prairie Trail and other areas throughout the development. However homeowners are responsible for (and required to) clear the sidewalks in front of or adjacent to their homes. Failure to clear the sidewalk of snow or ice can result in serious fines, penalties and potentially large financial liabilities. Sidewalks, driveways and some private cul-de-sac’s in townhome neighborhoods are cleared by the townhome associations.  If you have any questions, please contact Public Works and they can refer you if necessary.

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