Elections and Meetings FAQ

How do elections work?

Elections are held during the annual meeting. In order to hold the elections a majority of homeowners have to give their consent by either attending the meeting in person or sending a proxy vote authorizing the elections to take place.

If I send in a proxy can I authorize someone else to vote for me?

Yes. If you send in a proxy authorizing the elections to take place, you may also elect to have the person carrying your proxy cast your vote. You can instruct that person how you wish to vote, but it is up to that individual to cast the vote. There is no guarantee that they will vote the way you want, so you should choose someone you trust to carry your proxy.

If I send in a proxy but don’t have someone carry in my proxy or choose to give someone authority to cast my vote, what happens to my vote?

Your vote will then be turned over to the Board of Directors who will pool all non-specific proxies. The board will then vote how to cast those votes.

What is a proxy?

Simply put, a proxy is a signed instrument that allows you as the homeowner to give your right to vote on a specific matter or all matters at a duly called meeting to another person.

What do I do with a Proxy?

If you cannot attend the annual meeting of your association, you should fill out the proxy and return it to the Secretary of the Board per the instructions on the form.

Do I give up anything if I give my proxy to someone else?

Yes, you give up your right to vote by giving that right to your proxy designee. He or she votes in your absence.

What if I change my mind and come to the meeting?

If you have filled out your proxy and change your mind and wish to attend, your proxy will be returned to you at the meeting to allow you to vote in person.

How do I fill out the proxy?

Choose either the President of the Board or someone that you name (fill in the blank) to hold your proxy, fill in your name and address and sign and return the form. If you are assigning your proxy to someone else, you may give your proxy to that person to present on your behalf. Otherwise you should mail or fax your proxy as per the instruction on the form well in advance of the meeting date.

Can I tell my proxy holder how to vote?

You may give the holder of your proxy your guidance on how to vote on issues such as the election of officers and other member business, however that guidance is not binding; your proxy is free to vote in the manner they choose. If you want to ensure your vote is cast the way you wish, you must attend the meeting personally.

Can I vote for directors without attending the meeting?

If you wish to vote for board members, you must attend the meeting in person or by proxy. Absentee voting is not permitted. Electronic voting was reviewed as an option however the costs of implementing a system that meets the legal requirements were prohibitively high.

How important is this proxy?

The Annual Members meeting can not be called to order without a majority of owners present either in person or by proxy. If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, your proxy will be used in your absence to represent you. Without a majority of owners present in person or by proxy, the annual meeting can not be called to order and no business can take place. If you are unable to attend, this proxy is VERY IMPORTANT.

What business will be conducted at the annual meeting?

The Annual Meeting Agenda will list all items to come to a vote at the meeting including the annual election of directors. Without a majority of owners present in person or by proxy, the meeting will not be called to order and none of the items on the agenda will be acted on.

What should I do if I still have questions or don’t understand how to fill out the form?

PLEASE call the office and speak to the property manager who can walk you through the process. We would be very happy to assist you.

When will the next election be?

Elections are held during the annual meeting held each spring. Notification will be mailed to all homeowners about 30 days in advance.

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