Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Valley Lakes Community Association?

The Association is a Non-Profit Corporation created to manage and enforce the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements (Governing Documents) that govern all homes and property in the Valley Lakes Subdivision of Round Lake.

The Community Association owns approximately 400 acres of open space throughout the development and is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of those areas. These spaces are a mix of landscaped areas (including the entrance areas and detention ponds) and natural or undisturbed wetland areas.

Community Association membership includes 1171 Unit Owners. Commonly referred to as the “Master Association” membership includes the 968 single family homes and 203 townhomes. Owners of townhomes are also members of their individual townhome associations; The “Remington Trails Townhome Association” or; “Natures Cove at Valley Lakes Townhome Association.”

What is the Valley Lakes Community Association II (two)?

Valley Lakes Community Association II, Inc. is located in Round Lake Illinois and is the common area (wetlands) maintenance association for the homeowners in the communities of Coventry Glenn Apartments, Heron Bay & Fairfield Lakes (Pasquinelli) and Remington Trails 2 (Remington Homes) townhomes near the intersection of Rt. 134 and Fairfield Road. . While developed at the same time as Valley Lakes, and by the same developer, a separate master association was created for these areas to simplify management and comply with the development agreement.

The Valley Lakes Community Association II maintains a separate website at where copies of their governing documents and contact information is available.

What are the “Governing Documents”

The Governing Documents are deed restrictions on all property within Valley Lakes. These deed restrictions govern what can and can’t be done within Valley Lakes in respect to the appearance and maintenance of all property as well as required maintenance the members are responsible for on all non-privately owned (Common) property.

The “Governing Documents” consist of the following documents:

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for the Valley Lakes Community (commonly referred to as the Declaration)

This is the primary document which is legally binding on all property as defined in the document. This document defines the property that it governs, what rights and easements are granted, the formation and authority of the Community Association, Assessments, Maintenance and repair requirements, the Architectural standards and procedures for control, insurance requirements and other administrative and technical provisions. Changes to this document require approval of 67% of all homeowners.

By-Laws of the Valley Lakes Community Association

This document further defines the organization and structure of the community association, how, meetings are called and handled, and how the association will conduct its business. Changes to this document require the approval of 67% of all homeowners.

Rules and Regulations of the Valley Lakes Community Association

This document, adopted by the Board of Directors, further governs easements and permitted activities. Additionally, this document defines the fines and procedures used in the case of violations of the rules and regulations. This document may be modified by the Board of Directors at any time. Proper notice is required if changes are made.

Architectural Standards of Valley Lakes

This document defines the standards and guidelines for the appearance of Valley Lakes, in addition to defining the procedures used for making an application for improvement, this document defines what is subject to approval and what restrictions and conditions apply to other items not subject to prior approval. This document is maintained by the Architectural Review Committee and changes to it may be adopted by the Board of Directors at any time. Proper notice is required if changes are made.

In October 2006, the Architectural Standards were incorporated into the Rules and Regulations document and are now part of that document.

Doesn’t the Village have zoning and municipal ordinances that govern that kind of thing?

Yes, in many cases the restrictions in the Governing Documents are similar to local, state and federal laws. However, the Governing Documents apply above and beyond and supersede these laws, regulations and ordinances. They may not however, contradict any of these outside regulations.

Do I have to follow these “Governing Documents?”

Yes. All homeowners who accept title to property within Valley Lakes agree to be bound by these covenants.  The Governing Documents are a legal contract between you as property owner and the Association membership.

I didn’t get a copy of the covenants when I bought a home here. Why not?

If you bought a home directly from a builder, they were required under contract to furnish you with a copy of the covenants and other governing documents. If they did not, you should contact your builder. If you bought a home from a previous owner, a title search should have turned up the deed restrictions in place on the property. The deed restrictions recorded on file would have indicated the name of the Association and the managing agency. The previous homeowners should have also been required to turn over copies of the deed restriction documents, but unless the buyer requires this, it is sometimes not done.

I don’t have a copy of the Governing Documents, where can I get one?

Copies of the governing documents are available from the Association Management office or are available online at the Associations website.

I’m selling my house and I need a “Paid Assessment Letter”; how do I get one?

These are required by real estate title agents to show you are current with all financial obligations to the Association. You may request one from the Associations management office and paying the required fee.

Why do I have to pay for a paid assessment letter, doesn’t my assessment cover that?

It would be unfair to include the cost of these and other extra services in the assessments for all homeowners since they are not incurred at the same rate for all homeowners. The minimal cost for this and other documents is used to cover the actual cost of printing and any research or certification required.

I have a question that isn’t answered here, what do I do?

Contact the management office or use the Association website to email the Board.

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