Realtor / Closing Information

Closing Attorneys should contact the Association Management office at the time of sale to obtain information on the status of the property. Please allow three (3) days for us to research our records and respond to you. The management office will provide you with a closing package.

A statement of account advising if and when the Assessment was paid. If there are any amounts due (assessments, late fees, or violation assessments) Any amounts due must be collected at closing and paid to the Association.

  • If we have placed any liens on the property.
  • If there are any upcoming Assessments currently planned.
  • A Welcome Letter to be given to the buyer at closing.

There is a one-time fee to cover research and documentation of this and to set up the new residence account. This is to be paid directly to the Associations management office.

To contact to Association Property Manager to request closing information see our contact page.

IMPORTANT NOTE – if the property is in either the Nature’s Cove or Remington Trails townhome association you will need TWO paid assessment letters. One from the Master Association (Valley Lakes) and one from the townhome association. Please refer to either the Nature’s Cove or Remington Trails management for details on their individual requirements.

It is the responsibility of the Seller to provide the buyer with information on the Covenants governing the Association. Printed copies are available from our office for a fee, or available from this website at no cost.