Nature’s Cove

The Nature’s Cove at Valley Lakes Townhome Association owns the Common Properties within the Nature’s Cove neighborhood of Valley Lakes and is solely responsible to operate and maintain these areas. This includes all property and buildings except the individual Dwelling units. The wetlands east of Litchfield and the landscaped berm along Wilson Road (including the entrance sign) are owned maintained by the Valley Lakes Community Association.

Property owners in Nature’s Cove are members of both the Nature’s Cove Association AND the Valley Lakes Community Association. Each association is managed separately and has it’s own independent board of directors and managing agent.

Assessments paid to the Nature’s Cove Association are used for townhome association expenses only. Assessments paid to the Valley Lakes Community Association are used for common property expenses both within the Nature’s Cove neighborhood and the Valley Lakes subdivision at large.

The Nature’s Cove Association has it’s own governing documents which apply to it’s members in addition to those of the master association.