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The Valley Lakes Community Association, an Illinois non-profit corporation, was founded in 1996 to preserve and maintain the landscaped and natural open areas throughout the Valley Lakes Subdivision in Round Lake, Illinois.

The Community Association owns approximately 400 acres of open space throughout the development and is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of those areas. These spaces are a mix of landscaped areas (including the entrance areas and detention ponds) and natural or undisturbed wetland areas.

Community Association membership includes 1171 Unit Owners. Commonly referred to as the “Master Association” membership includes the 968 single family homes and 203 townhomes. Owners of townhomes are also members of their individual townhome associations; The “Remington Trails Townhome Association” or; “Natures Cove at Valley Lakes Townhome Association.”

The mission of the Valley Lakes Community Association is to preserve and maintain, wherever possible, the natural environment of the Property; to provide for the maintenance of wooded areas, open spaces, recreational areas, and any other amenities on the Property owned by the Association; and, for the benefit of the Property, to enforce and maintain the covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements, reservations, charges and liens as provided in Declaration of Covenants, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and Architectural Standards.


Valley Lakes entry monument

Located in the magnificent countryside on the western edge of Round Lake, Valley Lakes is a community of unique contrasts. Carefully planned, yet wild and free. With traditional suburban homes in a setting that defies suburban tradition.

It emerged from the equally unique vision of Pritzker Realty Group – “a vision that begins with finding the common ground between people and the land, and ends with a community that serves the best interests of both. “Containing 16 unique neighborhoods (14 single family homes, 2 town homes) with almost 1200 members, Valley Lakes Community Association was formed to care for and maintain over 300 acres of common land and wetlands.


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